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Real BDSM Sites
These are sites that feature downloadable videos of real punishment and humiliation. Heavy stuff so don't go there if you aren't into hardcore BDSM. There are hundreds of high quality movies on each site. Each video is at least 20 minutes long. You'll really appreciate these sites if you have a fast cable connection. They also have high quality pictures taken during the filming (not captures). These videos feature sexy attractive slaves and mistresses.

All models are of legal age
All images are copyrighted
18 U.S.C. 2257 info here

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Bizarre Stories
Bizarre stories from the web by category. Some may include pictures.
The following newsgroup stories involve explicit sexual descriptions and unconventional sexual relations. Since laws vary from country to country and state to state please read the descriptions and if the theme breaks any of your local laws do not read it. If you feel you have a copyright for any of these stories please contact me through the Main 'email' link.
FDF Stories
FDF Stories

Story # Story Name Description File Name Stub
#1 Eve A female sub finds the mistress of her dreams. Humiliation and punishment. Eve
#2 Justice Female maid is subjugated by her new mistress then they switch roles. Corporal punishment and humiliation. Justice
#3 Mistress Denise & her Slaves Female and male masters torture their slaves in a dungeon. MistressDenise&HerSlaves
#4 Jennifer: Lesbian Slave Femdom disciplines her male and female slaves. Torture, sexual humiliation and orgies. JenniferLesbianSlave

FDM Stories
FDM Stories
Story # Story Name Description File Name Stub
#1 Alicia's Lackey A teen starlet humiliates her male assistant. Severe humiliation with urolagnia and coprolagnia. Humiliation and punishment. Alicia'sLackey
#2 A Methodical Woman Husband is punished for infidelity by being turned into a slave by his wife. Later his girlfriend joins in his humiliation. No corporal punishment. AMethodicalWoman
#3 An Episode At The Academy Emasculization of male by schoolgirls at a special academy. No corporal punishment just humiliation. AnEpisodeAtTheAcademy
#4 Being Nadia's Husband Promiscuous wife forces her husband into a life of sexual humiliation and celibacy. Homsexuality. No physical punishment. BeingNadia'sHusband
#5 Executive Slave Femdom of male, male humiliation, boot/heel licking. ExecutiveSlave
#6 Extreme Therapy Femdom of male, male humiliation. ExtremeTherapy
#7 Made To Obey A submissive couple hire a mistress to dominate them. MadeToObey
#8 My Service Femdom of male. Torture, humiliation, sodomy and excrement. MyService
#9 Secret Slave Submissive male masturbation fantasy. SecretSlave
#10 Submissive Satin Slave Consensual femdom of male, effeminization and humiliation. No corporal punishment or bondage. SubmissiveSatinSlave
#11 Two Mistress Session A male is worked over by 2 mistresses. Urolagnia, humiliation and torture. At the end he dominates a female sub. TwoMistressSession
#12 Cindy's Turnabout A female recruits a male friend to wreak vengeance on the man who humiliated her. Torture and forced homosexuality. Cindy'sTurnabout
#13 The Evil Queen A female hypnotizes her boyfriend into an elaborate fantasy where she is his dominatrix and lover. Very light FDM, mostly straight sex. TheEvilQueen
#14 A Mannapping Three females kidnap a stud, spread-eagle him on a bed and have wild sex. AMannapping
#15 Plea Bargain Sorority sisters punish an intruder. Sodomy and humiliation. PleaBargain

MDF Stories
MDF Stories
Story # Story Name Description File Name Stub
#1 Arms Torture and sexual humiliation of slave girls in the middle east. Arms
#2 Cindy's Torment Female torture and sexual humiliation by male and female. Urolagnia. Cindy'sTorment
#3 Gail's Ordeal Gail becomes a sex slave for her neighbors. Spankings and light bondage. Gail'sOrdeal
#4 Jessica Bondage, torture and sexual humiliation of a captured female. Jessica
#5 Katy's Surrender A male blackmails a female into sexual slavery including humiliation and punishment. Katy'sSurrender
#6 Laura's Humiliation Torture and sexual humilation of female by male. Enema. Laura'sHumiliation
#7 Total Slavery Consensual female torture and sexual humiliation by two males. TotalSlavery